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ActiveIRC This is a addon for Invision Board, which allow you to show online users on an irc-channel on the board statistics at the bottom of the page.
Latest update: 27.09.2005     Last version: 1.00
Downloaded 1029 times
mospaging This a mambot for Mambo. It is ahack of the mambot bundled with Mambo. It has some extensions to the orignial one.
See Changelog for more info.
Latest update: 07.03.2005     Last version: 4.5.1c
Downloaded 1839 times
mosrelated This a mambot for Mambo. It inserts a table containing all the related topics. It determine related topics from the metadata on the articles
Latest update: 14.01.2005     Last version: 1.0
Downloaded 1188 times
mossources This is a mambot for Mambo. It replaces all [url] tags with urls and shows them as sources at the bottom of the page.
Latest update: 29.01.2005     Last version: 1.1
Downloaded 1209 times


galleryinfo Show lateste comments and pictures from a gallery site in one or more irc channels.
Latest update: 25.09.2005     Last version: 1.01
Downloaded 1322 times
topictag This is a tcl script which tag the topic with the channel URL whenever it is changed. Idea and comments by ting @ undernet.
Latest update: 09.01.2006     Last version: 1.3
Downloaded 1405 times
tvguide You can show current and next program, with a trigger, on alot of different channels (62 in total). Some norwegian channel included: NRK1, NRK2, TV2, TVNORGE, TV3 and TV 2 Xtra
Latest update: 19.01.2006     Last version: 1.3
Downloaded 1256 times


ijigg.com Downloader You can download songs from ijigg.com just by enter the ijigg songid and press download.
Latest update: 06.03.2007     Last version: 1.0
Downloaded 888 times
MouseClicker This program enables you to add multiple positions and do a mouse click in every position every xx number of minutes.
Latest update: 07.03.2006     Last version: 1.0
Downloaded 937 times