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Changelog for

1.3Updated 19.01.2006:
  • New: Added alot of channels, 62 in total, and the option to choose which channels you want to include.
  • New: Added the ability to choose how many days into the future you want in your database (max 7 days).
  • 1.2Updated 17.01.2006:
  • Changes: Made list channels a part of $tvcmd list
  • Bugfix: Timestamp and empty [ ] does not show up as a channel.
  • New: Added search
  • I would reccomend you to restart (not just rehash) the bot after updating this one.
  • 1.1Updated 16.01.2006:
  • Bugfix: Update routine didn't work. It will now update the program list every night 00:10
  • 1.0Updated 15.01.2006:
  • Initial release.
  • Just download and add to the eggdrop.
  • Edit triggers in tcl-file.

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