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Where did 2006 go ?
posted on 22.03.2007 18:45:46

It's been over a year since last time I wrote something here .. But now I've added another small app to the pages.

Just the other day I saw a post on ROOT.no about Ijigg.com - a new music portal, where you can upload your own music and vote on others etc .. (Much like YouTube)
I found also a Python script, made by Noen, which I could use to download the music from Ijigg. So I just had to make a windows program for all of you who isn't familiar with python.

You find the program under my release page ;)

A few updates....
posted on 16.01.2006 00:27:57

I'm not very good at updating this page. I'm still kinda busy with my day job, and having alot of other projects in my spare-time doesn't leave much time for coding.

But now I've added a new eggdrop tcl-script. This will mostly be usable for norwegian users, as it is a tv-guide script for norwegian channel.
You can see it live on #TV-Guiden @ efnet.

Long time no blog.
posted on 19.09.2005 00:00:46

It's been long time since I've written anything here..
The reason is that I've been really busy with moving, work and alot of RL stuff.
Hope to get more time to make scripts and software which I can release here :)

New page!
posted on 14.01.2005 20:34:05

Finally I got my page up. Great thanx to aFFi for this real great design!
I will try to update this as soon as I make something new.

Today I've released two of my mambot scripts and one modified version of mospager.
You will find them in my release section.